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Praise be to Allah, the Maker of the heavens and the earth. I bear witness that there is no ilaha except by Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

This blog is dedicated to present to the world the incoming Islamic revolution which will return Muamalat as the basis of the Islamic way of life and will start the glorious path to the return of the Khalifate. This revolution is inevitable.

There are many revolutions but only one is decisive, complete and just, that is Islam. The challenge of the thinking man is to discover Islam pushing away the false Puritanical façade presented by modern Arabs. If you are lucky and you have the freedom and the resolve required, then Islam will open up for you. The reward is that you will be able to “see”. The monetary issue represented by the Gold Dinar is only the tip the iceberg of a larger constructive revolution we call Muamalat. Muamalat is the living model of Islam abolished since the fall of the Khalifate and the beginning of the constitutional period which today enslaves the world and the Muslim Nation in particular. All Constitutions are fashioned with the same imprint of the false modern religion which is capitalism. Three elements uphold the grip of usurious slavery in all constitutions: Central Bank, Legal Tender and National Debt. All three are profoundly contrary to Muamalat, that is, to Islam. Thus the idea of an Islamic constitution is like the idea of a Islamic whisky: absurd. You should see in this matter two things: one is the level confusion of Puritanical Islam represented by the wahabbism installed by force in the Arabian Peninsula; and two and most important the depth of the revolution that is to come. Constitutions, once seen as the spirit of freedom, are now -for those who can see- the instrument of massive slavery by usury.
Regarding the money issue, it must be understood that we care for gold and silver as much as we care for potatoes. It is not the virtues of the metal as currency (which are many), what matters to us is freedom. Allah says in the Qur’an: “Trade with mutual consent”. He doesn’t say “trade with mutual consent except with money”. No. Money which is not freely chosen is just a fraud, a legal robbery and in the larger extent slavery. The issue of the Gold Dinar is FREEDOM.  People are either free to choose their medium of exchange or are slaves to the masters of the credit-money system. This generation of ours is the victim of the most inhuman, unjust and murderous social system the world has ever seen: capitalism as its near-zenith. This time is by far the darkest in the last 1,400 years since the arrival of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah grant him blessings and peace). To allow a piece of paper to dictate the life of the masses only shows the extraordinary degree of blindness driven by fear and their inability to think (science doesn’t think, said Heidegger) that dominates our modern life. Taking science as the Truth, when science is incapable of thinking the Truth, is as lucid as a caravan led by a blind man. Take for example the most idiotic and senseless of all science, Economics. If anyone of you cannot see that it is because you are still blind. You might need a miracle. Your educated reason won’t help you.

When we Muslims free ourselves from our own demons, namely, the curse of false Protestant-Puritanical Islam which took over after the political vacuum created by the fall of the Khalifate, you will see an Islam that some of you will be able to recognize. Islam is the pure religion. It is written in each one of us, believer or non-believer, and when the time comes the recognition follows. Our revolution is a restoration of the meanings: when “the light comes the darkness disappears”. There are not two powers in the universe, only One. There is no power except by Allah. Victory belongs to Allah.

Wa la ghaliba illa Allah.

It starts here and now, everywhere and at every moment.

Umar Vadillo

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